Reef protection & Aquarium Sanctuary

         Conserving South Florida's Marine Life for our Future Generations

Photo taken by Capt. Bryant Turffs, 12-18-2016

A bird skull 

The tangled fishing line may have been the birds demise.

just in!

Full grown Panther Grouper, speared

off the cost of Miami- North Key Largo

by Wayne Grammes. Pet trade release.

Other non-indigenous marine life

found in Florida waters

how to get involved

What We Do...

Reef Protection & Aquarium Sanctuary is a Florida Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization aiming to conserve our marine life by educating and informing the public of the dangers caused by dumping invasive and non-indigenous marine species into our waterways from their aquariums. We also remove lionfish we encounter while diving. Removing the invasive and

destructive Lionfish protects our fragile and threatened ecosystem. 

The end of the year Dive Trash Clean up December 18, 2016

at Phil Foster Park was a success! we pulled out 35 pounds of trash

and 3 small Lionfish. If you would like to join our future efforts to

clean up the trash in our waterways please sign up and volunteer.

Special thanks to Capt. Bryant Turffs for filming and shooting the clean up.

you can see the video and photo's in the Gallery page.

Snowflake eel, seen on artificial reef Singer Island, Fl. Picture shown in aquarium.

Juvenile Panther Grouper in aquarium.

Upcoming Events

End of the year Dive Trash Clean up

December 18, '16 @ 10:30 am

Phil Foster Park

Under the Blue Heron Bridge

Unwanted, Aggressive or Overgrown Fish?

Reef Protection & Aquarium Sanctuary is now accepting fish, sharks, eels, rays and Lionfish. Dumping fish from your aquarium into the ocean is not only illegal, it is destructive to our ecosystem. 

*We do not sell any donated fish or supplies.

Call for a FREE pick up of your unwanted fish, aquarium or slightly used snorkeling and scuba equipment.

Help us protect our sacred marine life and ocean.

561 324 1831